Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yes, this is on the subject of Amsterdam. Yes, it's about the things that they make legal. No, this isn't going to be one of those sorts of blogs. Give me some credit here.

Honestly, marijuana is by my assessment one of the nastiest substances on this earth. On top of the fact that its usage involves intentionally turning off your brain the substance's physical properties themselves offend every one of my senses. I don't like the look, the feel, the smell, the sound of a bag of it crinkling, and I'd throw in taste if it weren't for the fact that I would never put that stuff in my mouth. It grosses me out on every level.
I still say it ought to be legalized though, and not just for medicinal purposes.
Consider, if you will, your common cigarette or cigar. It kills billions per year, it smells even worse than marijuana, it's commonly used in public where it can effect others, and the only way in which it induces pleasure is that, once you're addictive, your day is that much less pleasant when you're NOT using it. Empirically considered, it makes you feel worse. There is no way of using it that reduces the health risks.
For some reason we idolize this particular drug, tobacco. We think it's cool. We see it in movies and think that it looks impressive, the act of inhaling and exhaling a cloud of pollutants, and it does look good. People mistake it for a sign of maturity, or culture, when it's just some poor sap being controlled by a chemical that saps at their lifespan and their money. Because damn do they look good doing it.
Is there any difference between marijuana and various substances legal here in America? It's no worse for you than cigarettes, and is in some ways significantly better for you. It's not chemically addictive, there are other ways of doing it that preserve your lungs, and it has uses apart from the recreational. It messes with your brain, but so does alcohol, and the manner in which it does so is less hazardous. It leaves your liver alone, and doesn't so much kill parts of the brain as release different hormones in it. Nobody will ever kill their spouse in a fit of stoned rage, because stoners can't really get angry when they're stoned and wouldn't be able to do much if they were anyway. It leaves your liver alone too.
In this country, up until 1920 you were able to go to the deli and buy a joint like any cigarette or beer. I say we bring that back. If you must be addicted to something, lets opt for something that kills less people.

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