Monday, May 19, 2008

The Nation of New York

The suggestion has been made numerous times that New York State excuse itself from the nation, on the basis that we don't have much to do with the rest of those other 49 lesser states anyway and there are some people you really just don't want to be associated with.
This is of course rather silly. We're talking about a state whose capitol city alone has to import a substantial amount of its own fresh drinking water to keep going. We have next to no farmland, no naval presence worth the mentioning of, no means of production of mechanized units of war and ARE SURROUNDED BY AMERICANS! Canada as well, but they don't have as many roads going into us. While our police force may dominate in regards to defending ourselves against incursion we'd have no way around any sort of blockade that America would undoubtably put up to starve us into rejoining them. We would be labeled insurgents or terrorists or rebels and be a classier Tibet, and do just as poorly if not worse. Our economy would soon follow, as nobody will be willing to sell stocks in or immigrate to a country with such a big enemy doing so well. We'd be properly pinned.
Of course, there's also the simple fact that we're americans. Yes, we differ from other aspects of the nation, but it still wouldn't have happened anywhere else. Yes, we get influenced by a majority vote of people who never met us. Middle america, that great morass that I assume is largely dominated by cornfields and amusing drawls, does inflict her bias nationwide and cause many to simply cast aside their votes, on the basis that it constitutes too little power to make a difference; your proverbial drop in the bucket.
Little do they realize that all the water in the whole freaking bucket is made of drops, and by letting theirs fall on the dirt they're making a greater difference against themselves than if they aimed for the bucket. I abuse my own metaphor, but I think the message gets across.
"We can't control the goverment." Yes you can. Look up what happened with the Watergate scandal when Nixon was caught, or the funny little ways in which Congress has legally bitchslapped that chimp in the whitehouse. "I'm part of the minority party, my vote will be wasted." It's definitely wasted if you don't use it. You want it to do more? Go convince people. "The brainwashed legions of the opposition shall smother my opinions in their deluge of questionably legible jargon." Ohh, I love ones like these. Wrong on a few counts, starting with the fact that they're no more brainwashed than you are. Every perspective has their own venue of propaganda. Liberals have the Colbert Report, Conservatives have Fox, Feminists have Lifetime, Introverts have the sci-fi channel, and as you can see these days any drooling simpleton can start his own blog and yell what he thinks for all to hear. Even the infamous Middle America is a bunch of people who, while largely shown as being set in their ways, are no less intelligent than the rest of us. If we think they're wrong, and I assume we do, then let us convince them! Send missionaries to educate these fellow americans! After all, you can't lead a fight against ignorance. Ignorance isn't something you fight. It's something you cure by talking to those afflicted with it.

I don't know if this is a commonly espoused view amongst those outside New York City, but a popular way of looking at the nation these days is the Little America Idea, which is two or three people yelling at each other and one's always quoting irrelevant sections of religious scripture when they're wrong. It isn't two or three people and there is no side who always does or doesn't know what they're talking about. It's billions and billions of people. Whether or not they're just standing there yelling at each other is up to us.

I would like to thank my girlfriend, for putting up with my blathering long enough for me to get enough material to write this.

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