Monday, May 12, 2008

It starts

So, here I am.
I really ought to be asking myself why. After all, as a serious venue for expressing ideas your average blog is maybe a cut above livejournal and myspace. You can say whatever you want, because there's nothing actually backing anything you say. You have neither credibility nor authority, aren't really a threat to anyone but those who believe what you have to say. So why make one?
Well, in my case why I'm making one is for a school project. Why I may continue it is another matter. Allow me to elaborate:
If a politician planned to raise taxes, and announced it the day before Elliot Spitzer was caught with a prostitute, would anyone have noticed it? Or would it have been washed out of the public eye with the cleansing deluge that is a statesman's dalliances?
People's attention gets drawn to and from issues very easily by the media in this day and age. I should know, as good odds say that one day I'll work in advertising or journalism and be orchestrating the same thing for the next generation. The insidious propaganda machine, the great mass media that constitutes the villain of so many blogs by censoring the people and not telling the whole story or covering it up with distractions like Spitzer and spreading the dogma of secular fundimentalists, will keep churning on. One nation controlled by the media.
These other blogs tend to leave themselves out of this.
Well? Am I wrong? A blog is a form of media, by which one person or group thereof may attempt to impress their views upon their readers. Sometimes the purpose is to inform, and sometimes it's to convince. Jack Thompson raves about how video games are the devil while a liberal blogger elsewhere talks about gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. Both say what they can to convince as many people as they can of their own validity as opposed to contrary perspectives.

As mentioned above, the nation is controlled by the media. Now I've found a venue thereof where I stand to reach either everyone or noone, depending on how well I present my views. I'm not even sure what those views will be on; my own interests range from the arts to the state of society to B movies. But I've got my own little propaganda machine here to tell people what I want them to hear. The results may deeply influence the public view. They may be inane ramblings. Both at once is also very possible.
Let's see what she can do.

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